Karim Alanna

  • Over 33 years of project, construction management, structural and mechanical engineering analysis, waterproofing, and sustainable construction. Experience working to develop and remediate construction defects on 1000’s of high rise, corporate apartment, higher education, and government offices.
  • Founder and CEO of ABBAE a Silicon Valley-based, nationally recognized architectural engineering firm that provides architectural engineering and project management services to corporate users and commercial developers that include Google, Oracle, the Disney Company, the Irvine Company, and the Howard Hughes Company with construction, project and architectural engineering services
  • ABBAE manages $6-8B of commercial projects at any one time.
  • B.S.  Civil Engineering, Santa Clara University
  • PE, RRC, RWC, IFMA, AAMA, and licensed contractor in CA, NV, and HI
  • Expert witness on over 450 + construction defect projects
  • Responsible for architectural engineering, construction management, pre-design management, and project management that all combine to mitigate risk and reduce costs for Acquity’s projects.